RIOT SQUAD 2017 Competitors | WODBuzz | Competition Leaderboard Software

Name Gym/Affiliate Category
30. 21, 15, FINE n/a MIXED
65. 3nimble1bimble Crossfit Hijacked ALL MALE
21. 4 Peas in a WOD Crossfit 2444 ALL FEMALE
54. Adam Wilkinson BXSC (Girls) ALL MALE
23. AM Athletes CrossFit AM ALL MALE
66. Amanda Brickwood Crossfit Urge TEAM ENTRY
36. An Asian Eye For A White Guy CrossFit Creature ALL MALE
62. Beards and babes Crossfit Feel Good TEAM ENTRY
39. Beers then burpies Crissfit 2444 ALL MALE
37. Ben Campbell Crossfit Coalface ALL MALE
32. Ben dodd Crossfit HF ALL MALE
11. Big girls Encircle ALL FEMALE
1. Blood, Sweat N Beers Crossfit GEO MIXED
40. Built by Benton Benton CrossFit ALL FEMALE
31. Car Ramwod Body by Brando MIXED
46. Carlie King Crossfit HF ALL FEMALE
41. Cave Cavalry (Mixed) Crossfit Wauchope MIXED
16. Cavedottirs Crossfit Cave Wauchope ALL FEMALE
24. CFAM CrossFit AM MIXED
49. CFAM - Shark Tank CrossFit AM ALL MALE
48. CFAM Babes CrossFit AM ALL FEMALE
34. Chalkin Dirty Crossfit 2444 ALL FEMALE
64. Chunder Struck CrossFit 2444 ALL FEMALE
58. Crossfit Dubbo Boys Crossfit Dubbo ALL MALE
7. CrossFit Hijacked CrossFit Hijacked ALL MALE
25. Deadlift Divas Crossfit 2444 ALL FEMALE
51. Don't h8 us cuz u anus n/a ALL MALE
2. Douglas Roden n/a ALL MALE
63. Drive 4 Fun Drive Crossfit Dubbo MIXED
20. Drop It Like a Squat n/a ALL FEMALE
4. Dunder Achievers Crossfit 2444 ALL FEMALE
52. Emma Davies Drive CrossFit MIXED
59. Emma Oriel Drive Crossfit MIXED
8. Encircle Rowdies 4M Crossfit Encircle ALL MALE
18. Flexual Healing Crossfit HF ALL FEMALE
33. F'wits Crossfit Deck MIXED
19. GEO Master Class Crossfit GEO MASTERS
44. Hanne Opsahl Crossfit Geo TEAM ENTRY
6. Hf (Q) Crossfit HF ALL FEMALE
10. HF Angels Crossfit HF ALL FEMALE
57. HFCF Fighter Command Homefront CrossFit ALL MALE
26. Hijacked She-Unit Crossfit Hijacked ALL FEMALE
53. Hustle and Muscle CrossFit Norwest MIXED
43. Jarad Ruprecht Crossfit Maitland ALL MALE
55. Kat Cheney Drive Crossfit MIXED
50. Kate Wright Crossfit Dubbo ALL FEMALE
60. Kirsten Watters Crossfit 2795 ALL FEMALE
35. Lisa Gregory n/a MIXED
12. Nick hedger Crossfit uplift ALL MALE